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Well, these are mostly all my favorite links. Now I must mention; some of them aren't for children, if you know what I mean.
As you allready might have geused I used to be obsessed with GC, I'm getting over it but I still like a few fan sites of them. *hehe*


First of all here are some [of my favorite] GC sites:  --> Their offical site.

*  --> I dont know if this one will work but w/e.

*  --> This one has really kool info on the guys

* --> I must say this is pretty much my fav GC site, it has so much other kick ass stuff too u should really cheak it out!! oh and my favorite part of this group is the fan fiction.

*  --> omfg funniest fucking GC website EVER lmoa its all about funn n' games here lol
Games and funny videos:
*** --> This is my new fav site, foamy is the greatest cartoon ever, period. --> I geuss there are some good games here. --> This one is better for games, it has pretty much every games you could want when your bored.
*  --> Omg this is such a kool site!
 * --> Kick ass site (dont worry its all in good funn)  --> Dont ask.. lol.  --> Its pictures but there real pics so thats why they're funny lol I dunno.
* --> must play games.....must play .....must have fun....*drool*  --> i donno --> It's a pretty kool site --> come on who hasn't heard of this site? stupid animals die so its funny lol jk --> i don't go to this one alot but i still like it --> this one's great when your bored, and just want to kill something, lol i kid i kid, neways i went to it recently and saw this one called THE LAST TWO MEN ON EARTH, funniest thing i ever saw, o m f g!!!! lmao --> If you think dead babies are funny then this is the site for you! --> great for when your bored on a Satuday at 1:00 am --> I love the magazine, so here's there site. --> awsome site to read funny shit from.


Here Are some of my friends websites, I'm going to try and get way more, cuz I know pretty much all of them have 'em. *hint* *hint* lol --> Liz's -->Liz's --> Liz's, websites are really kool. --> Allysa's webbie :) --> Here's Krissy's. --> Kadence aka Katelyn's. --> That's thea-bees, I mean althea's webbie --> Carlie's site --> Quinn's, just so we aren't confused, she didn't get the site from anybody I think it's supposed to be like that... yah. --> Carissa's, now I'm not saying ur address dosen't make sence... oh wait, yah I am. --> Andrea's Site. --> Leah's.