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Here are some of my favorite actors and why I like them. Now, I don't have then in order and I'm going to add more as soon as I get the time.

 Mel Gibson*sigh* look how pretty his eyes are
How could you not like this guy? lol, but really, he's an amazing actor and I probably love any movie that he's in. He just puts so much passion into his work, like the movie The Patriot, omg I loved that movie, I cried though alomost the whole thing. He's funny as hell too, just in person.
Selma Hayek She's so great And I respect her so much.
She came from almost nothing, to north america and started being in films in about 1988. One of my favorite movies that she was in was called Dogma, you should really see watch it it's great and really makes you think.
Jonny Depp is more Gentleman of the Carribean than Pirate as he arrives for the Golden Globe awards, 2004 Ok we all know who this is, do I even need to tell you? because if I do and you don't know who this hottness is then you need help and need to watch some of his movies. As I see it Johnny Depp only really became world famous kinda thing after he starred in Pirates of the Carribean but I've always like him. Ever since he made Edward Sissor Hand (sorry if I spelled it wrong or something) Oh yah and my favorite movie that he starred in was called FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, also one of my fav movies of all time.
Mike Myers Now Mike myers is just simply a genious. I love it when he writes movies because he's just the best comedain writer ever. I don't even think I could laugh any harder with out my brain imploding, lol. He was great in saturday night live, he was in that alot. I know we all loved him in Austin Powers. (can you belive that he wrote that and Cat in the Hat?) He's an all round nice guy. We all love him.
Will Smith
Will Smith is like a hero to me. Is he not soo hott!! I don't care what anyone says, I like his music. I'm just such a big fan of his, I love him so much!!! Anyone who doesn't like him should go to hell. Not only can he rap, he's funny like a clown I'm sure he can make nayone laugh. He can also take on really serious rolls like Ali and stuff like that. One of my favorite shows will always be The Fresh Prince of Bel Air lol good times. Peace.
Jim Carrey Picture I'm not sure why people call him Jim Carrey, because his real name is James Carrey. He's so fucking funny as hell. It's awsome because he was born in Canada, Toronto. I'm not sure if he grew up here his whole life and then went down to the states to make his fortune but it's kool none the less. There are so many movies of him I love, The Cable Guy, the classic Mask, and who could forget Ace Ventura. I could go on but I'm a bit lazy so I won't.
 He's not really a full time actor but I love him too much not to talk about him. Omg he's like one of the sexiest men alive!! Is he's bottom lip to die for?? I think it is!! lol. I love his stand-up better though, he's one of the few people who accually has something to say, not like nobody does, but if you just listen to what he has to say he makes osme really good points.
Alicia Silverstone as Eve in Blast From The Past Alicia Silverstone a bit of a sult but she's still really super kool lol (inside joke) She did this really good movie, I don't know if anyone will remember it, but it was a really good love story kinda thing at the end. It was called Blast From The Past she played eve on it. When I watched it a couple of years ago that's when I started liking her. I'll admit I haven't seen alot of her movies but for the ones that I did see she was really good.
 Robin Willaims, I see him as more of a father figure then anything, he's such a nice guy and you can tell he just loves kids and not in the creepy way Michael Jackson does lol just kidding. Robin is a kid at heart, that why he can play a old lady so well on T.V? I really like all his films, and he can always make me laugh.