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I always like to think up quotes. My friend quinn seems to like them alot. Sorry if some of them don't make any sence, it might be one of those you had to be there kinda thing to get the quote.
I started writing quotes when I couldn't think of a long enough poem, Then I really got the hang of it and I was on a roll, lol. Now I seem to write quotes way more then I write anything else, I try not to, but they're so easy when they come to me. Anyways enjoy!!

Quotes From Me!!!

1*I Like What I Like, So Don't Even Try, To Ask Why I Love You, I Don't Want To Lie*

2*If All Things Happen For A Reason, Then You Won't Miss Me When I'm Gone*

3* My 2 Fav Words Are,Life & Death, You Can't Have 1 Without The Other*

4*It's Hard To Live, When Inside Your Already Dead*

5*Let Be Grass, Grow On My Grave, For I Died In Peace, And Not In Vain*

6*....When I Look At You, I Don't Want To See Him In Your Eyes*

7*Happiness Is Not A Feeling, It's A State. There's Only One Feeling You Can Trust, And That's Pain*

8*I Love Sleep, I Just Wish I Could Get Some*

9*Take Everything As A Sign, You Never Know When You'll Read The Right One*

10*When Something's Not Working Right The Best Thing To Do Is To Tear It Apart To Make It Work Better*

11*If You Live Fast, You Can Bet You'll Die Hard And Young*

12*Don't Make Me Kill You With Love!!!*

13*No Matter Who You Are Or What You Do, People Will Always Judge You Because Of What You Look Like*

14*It's Hard To Live When Inside Your Already Dead*

15*If Your Not Prepared For Everything, Your Not Prepared For Anything*

16*Just Call Me Lost And Forgotten*

17*You Can Only Laugh At Someone's Jokes For So Long Until You Find Out That The Jokes On You*

18*Fine I Give Up I'll Use A Bowl* (lol inside joke)

19*I'm Gone Away, But I'm Here To Stay, I Hope That You Will Miss Me*

20*If You Weren't Here, I Wouldn't Know What To Do, I Wouldn't Even Have A Reason To Get Up In The Morning... That's How Much I Love You*


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