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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Sara's  P.O.V
Benji was showing me what he got at the mall. At the time I wasn't really paying very much attention. I was thinking about what Billy had said to me the night before.
"What's the date?" I blurted out without realizing he was still talking.
"Uh, I donno February 9th, why?"
"Shit... I gotta to be somewhere."
"Oh yah? Where? Like are you late for whatever it is right now?"
"Umm I'm not sure, what time is it?"
"Quarter past one." As he told me this a thousand things rushed through my mind but mostly 'shit! shit! shit!' I knew right then that I might be too late, I was in trouble.
"Fuck, I'm so late! Sorry but I have to go, like, now." I picked up my book bag that I always carry with me and rushed over towards Billy, who almost looked like he was deep in thought.
"Hey hun, what's up?" He asked thoughtfuly.
"I gotta go do some shit, ok? So I'll see you later?"
"Oh, okay, well, I'll call you?" He asked.
"Um yah, ok," I said as I leaned in for one of those big good-bye kisses. After I got my kiss, I then kind of ran out of the door. As I'm walking quickly down the hall  of the building I hear Billy's voice coming from the other end.
"What's so important anyways babe?" I looked back to anwser him.
"I gotta babysit my little brother."
* * *
As I pulled into my driveway I could already hear the sceamimg coming from inside. It was my mother's, I could tell because my dad was at work already that morning.
I ran in trying to find Nicky, my little brother. Oh please let him be okay I kept saying to myself over and over again.
"There you are!" My mother screamed at me.
"I'm so sorry I'm late, I just didn't know what time it was and I kind of forgot about it, I'm sorry."
"Well sorry doesn't cut it around here, missy! I'm suppose to be at work in 10 minutes! That doesn't even give me time to stop for a beer!" I knew I had this coming to me as soon as I woke up this morning, I face it everyday so you'd think I would have gotten used to it by now. After all, 18 years is a long time.
She stomped out the door, leaving me to "deal with my thoughts," Yeah right, the only thoughts I had at the time was wishing she would drop dead. Just then I remembered the whole reason I came home.
"Nicky!" I yelled running through the house looking for him. As I went up stairs I nervously looked down, just like expected I saw tiny drops of blood heading towards my little brother's room.
"O-m-g, Nicky? Where are you?" I asked as I followed the blood stained carpet trail. When I got there I was thinking that it was all my fault, why should he get punished because I was late?
"Sara?" A child's voice was coming from inside the closet. I slowly walked over to the closed door and got on my knees as I opened it.
"Are you okay, babe?" I said as least threatening as I could.
"My face hurts," He said trembleing. I picked him up and carried him downstairs to the kitchen. I gently sat him down on the counter and looked in the fridge for some ice. Since this happened so often I always had a wet facecloth in the freezer. I placed it over is bleeding black eye.
"I'm sorry hunny, I'm so sorry," I almost burst into tears right then and there.
"It's okay," he said shaking his head and taking hold of the facecloth, "Don't worry it wasn't your fault, it was mine, Mommy just hates me, and when I make her made she just..." I had to stop him or I would lost myself.
"Shh it's okay now okay? Everything fine, I'm here," I said as I held him in my arms.

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