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~ One Everlasting Summer ~

~ One Everlasting Summer ~

The sweet smell of freshly cut grass,

Paired with the aroma of everlasting summer flowers,

Fills my lungs as I breathe in.

The gentle sounds of birds singing,

Puts my heart at peace.

My body is overcome with the warmth of the sun,

As I move swiftly through the garden.


The beauty that my eyes see,

Is like something from a dream.

You almost can't believe how much marvel

That something can hold until it's gone.

To study an ant, and watch it move across the ground,

Is like finding out the secrets to life.


A bumble-bee passes me by,

The buzzing of its wings rings though-out my mind.

As I glance to where it's traveling,

I notice the beams of light piercing through the trees.


As I reach my destination, I wonder,

What would it be like to view heaven?

Then I realize,

That everyone has different thoughts about it.

I for one, keep in mind,

That we all make our own heaven and hell right here on earth,

It's in our minds, in our hearts and in our soul.


I found heaven one everlasting summer.

It was my wake-up call to life.

Some people believe that finding heaven, is finding death also,

But if heaven is what we make of it...

Then I found mine, in the eyes of a boy.


He came to visit me once upon a mid-summer's eve.

His heart was pure, and so I found enlightenment.


I lay back in the grass,

And my eyes slowly found where the sun was setting,

My mind was filled with color, and my heart with peace.

Reds and pinks tickled my imagination,

As I pictured his face in the clouds.


I will never forget him, even when,

I can fly free amongst the sprits of the country side.


I reach over and pluck a flower from the earth.

I chance to see a figure in the distance.

It is a raven, picking at worms in the soil of my garden.

A smile crosses my face,

As a cool breeze genteelly blows my curls across my face playfully.


As I stare off into the dark blue sky,

I realize that everything has beauty behind it,

And behind that beauty?

Is a soul that dances in the moonlight on a mid-summers eve.

That creates a rainbow and one everlasting summer.