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Quotes From Me!!!

21*I Can't Fight My Demons, That's Why They Continue To Haunt Me Everyday*

22*How Can You Help Someone, When Their Idea Of Helping Themselves Is Hurting Others By Hurting Themselves*

23*What Is Fate Anyways? It's Something That Is Suppose To Happen Right, Something That We Were Supppose To Handle, But What If You Don't Do It? Would It Still Be Fate?* (that one might not make sence by the way)

24*I'm Am Yours In Life And Death*

25*Among You I Have Found Something That I Want More Than Freedom, I No Longer Know What Life I Am To Live, Only That It Would Break My Heart To Leave You*

26*The Strong Rule The Weak, But The Weak Secretly Kill The Strong*

27*I Can't See The Good In Your Eyes, Because Everytime I Try, You Turn Around And Leave*

28*You Dare To Dream, I Dare To Scream*

29*The Sky Has Lost It's Color, The Sun Has Turn To Grey, At Least That's How It Feels To Me, Whenever Your Away*

30*I Still Love You... I Just Hate You Too*

31*I Feel Excited When I See The Blood, And I Feel Relived When I Feel The Warmth Of It Pouring Down My Arm In A Soothing River* -not mine but i really like it :)

32*Hot Tears, A Cold Blade, These Are The Things That I Remember The Night That I Died*

33*When You Hear On The News That A Young Girl Got Hit By A Car, And Her Name Was Nora, Just Remember... It Wasn't An Axcident*

34*Battle Cries, And Loney Hearts, Charge Swords Into Swords, With A War To End All Wars. Young Boys Come From Far Away, To Fight, And To Never Return As Men*

35*I'm Trapped In A Place I Can't Leave, My Mind*

36*Danger Comes To Those Who Fear It, But If You Fear Nothing, Will There Still Be Danger?*

37*I Can't Ascape It, But Only Imbrace It*

38*It Will Never Leave Me Alone, It Will Always Haunt me. Untill The Day That I Day That I Die, It Will Always Destory My Life*

39*I Always Seem To Find Myself, Inside Myself*

40*I Admire Your Sprit, But I Don't Admire Your Heart, I'm Sorry*



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