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My Hometown

This is an over-view of my hometown, Wolfville! I love it so much and I know I will never foget it if I ever move when I'm older. I have been all over this great little town and I am still amased by it's beauty.
^ The mall of Wolfville ^
Considerably more modest and old fashioned than the new malls of New Minas.

 ^ Acadia theatre, Mainstreet ^

It closed in May, 2000. Now there is somekind of coffee shop or something there.


^ The university town of Wolfville ^

The start of the homecoming parade in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, 1996.

^ Wolfville scenery II ^

An everyday Wolfville street view.
^ A view of University Hall ^
The Look Off Point I

Overlooking the Annapolis Valley, is the Look Off Point.
The Look Off Point II

Another view of the Annapolis Valley from the Look Off Point, looking to the south
^ Wolfville's Willow Park ^
I had some good times at halloween egging this park *tear* good times. But seriously it's really nice and has lots of secret places for couples... lol
^ View from "the Lookoff" on the North Mountain, looking towards the South Mountain.
^ The town of Kentville ^
and not that far away is the town of kentville

I thought that it was neat that I found this old picture of main street way back when. I'm going to take a geuss and say it was in the 20's. Most of the buildings you see here and still there, where you see "Irving gas" is where "The Market" is now. 

To see more great pictures of where I live click here