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Never Thought It Could Happen In Real Life

Never Thought It Could Happen In Real Life
grade 8 sometime/04
Okay, so it started out as a normal day in Jr. High. I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans. I had them for a long time. In the middle of the day it was time to go to I.A.T (wood working class or w/e) We were making little wind up cars at the time. If we weren't I think i would still have those pants... Me and my friend Carissa were testing our car out in the hall way. After a few tries we almost gave up because it would go farther then 10 feet. I decided to give it one last shot. So we wound it up and got on our knees to put it on the ground. As we did I heard a huge RIP coming from behind me. Now I must remind you I don't get embarrassed easily. So we just stopped for a second and I asked her "Was that my pants ripping?" and then she just nodded. Thank god we were the only ones in the hall at the time. If we weren't I might have been a little embarrassed. We laughed for the longest time. I'm even laughing to myself right now writing this. After that, I slowly got up, and of course surveyed the damage. I put my sweater around my waist and went sraight up stairs to my locker. I got my gym pants and changes into those and then went back downstairs. I thought to myself that I didn't want to wear my gym pants for the rest of the day so i went to the F.S.T lab. I waited at the door till the teacher asked me what I would like. I said quite loadly, because it was just the other half of my class in there, that I had ripped my pants. Some people laughed and I took a bow, then everyone clapped. She walked me over to the sewing mashine and she showed me how to fix them. Since I got like a 90 in sewing I did it myself.
I changed back into my jeans, now nicely fixed and stonger then ever. I don't really remember ever learning a lesson from that. The only one I can thing of is; shit happens that you can't avoid and sometimes you just have to laugh at it.
By the way, a few months later I had to throw the pants out anyway, it was just their time... whatever that means.

Never Thought It Could Happen In Real Life 2
Doesn't matter when it happened/04
Okay my mom and I went to the mall. Are you with me so far? Ok. We did some shopping blah blah blah. As we were walking to the car, I geuss I put my sunglasses on or something. Either that or I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking. I walked aorund to the passengers side because I'm nice enough to let my mother drive. Anyways yada yada yada I slipped on a banana peel in the middle of a parking lot and really hurt my ass. My mom thought it was funny as hell but I only saw the irony in it. I mean I didn't really think that you could actually slip on them. I thought it only happened on T.V. but I geuss not. It makes anew meaning of the saying; don't believe everything you see on T.V. I am a retard.