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Hey Peeps! Yah, this is my website, It's got a hell lot of stuff in it, some not needed. Right now I have to delete most of it cuz I ran outta disk space apparently.
So look around and have some funn and be sure to sign the guestbook when ur done :) haha wooh that rhymes!!
If u have a problem with anything I said in my website about anything ,you might have just miss understood it or your just stupid and you can go fuck yourself. OR you can email me :)
By the way, about the gc banner, I know, I know.
So yah I'll write later, or when I feel like it fuckers, lmao. Bi

Ok now just remember people, I have so much more to do to this site and I am going to constantly be moving things around, adding stuff, deleting junk, you know all that shit. It might be finished, if there is such a thing as being done.  If I finish this site, don't worry I'll be dead... or I might just make a new one lol.

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By the way if u think I might have gotten something off of other websites I probably did and "whoops" if I didn't give them credit for it ... but I don't really take things that often. when I see something I like and have the need to share it I do (example: "Funnies" page). I try and give the person, from where I got it from, credit at the bottom of the page. I don't think it's that important about forwards and shit like that, but I always give credit when it comes to poems and shit.

 ... But if u notice that I got something off ur site just tell me, I have no problem giving u credit, if it really means that much to you 


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Xx Up-Dates xX

- This site was last up-dated on: Sunday, 04/03/2005
-To see all of my up-dates click here.

- If you'd like to see something on my site fo have any suggestions then you can leave a msg on the geustbook or if you want you can email me.

- Once again, I'd like to say that updates are always being made, lately not so much though because I've been working on a different site also, . I like this site way better thought, but sadly I'm running out of disk space in ym account. My plan is to delete all the crap and maybe then I won't have to make a new website.

- k that's all for now, bibi                                              

_-_- Coming Soon -_-
- I'm going to try and get some more pics of me and my friends, it takes a long time to get them from pllz and then upload them on my damn computer so I don't knwo when I'm going to get more.
     - I've recently added a new page in "my writing" about true stories that have happened to me. All my friends love the werid tales I tell and I thought, why not share them with the world, and I did so. I have to add way more of them so far. I think there's only a few on there right now, I just need to remember them so I can write them down. ;)
- I going to, (because I have to, it just needs to be done) update the "links" page. I need to put on a lot more websites on it, and I need to delete some old ones that I don't like.  It's progress.
   -Now I have had my fair share of freaky things happening to me and I got some emails from people saying that i should and that they really like to read them, so im going to do that sometime.
     -Also I am going to add to my shit list heh heh heh, yes there's more stuff that pisses me off... I think and you could be next!! dun dun dun...
     -Since I love foamy so much I was thinking of adding a page dedicated to him and the joy he brings he brings to me when I see a little talking squirrel curse his mouth off. Ohh man, good fucking times.