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I Like What I Like, So Don't Even Try, To Ask Why I Love You, I Don't Want To Lie.

  Bouncing HeartsBouncing HeartsBouncing HeartsBouncing HeartsBouncing HeartsBouncing Hearts

     If ur not
 in the shout outs, tell me and I'll add u....I dont want to skip one of my friends, but i might cuz I was just doing this fast.

Oh and by the way I dont really up date these... but I try to when I have time or something better to say. I gotta add alot of pllz also.

Carlie: Hey babe! ur at the top because ur the most important lol funny. I still love the rest of my friends and all that shit but ur the only one that really understands me and accepts me for who I am *ahem* *not hinting to anyone or anything* *ahem*

Jesse: I hate you

Fergie: Die bitch

Krissy: dont make me come all the fucking way over there and slap u to death!!!lmao that would be that wrost way to die ever !!! lol *slaps u in the faces anway* slaps u again just for good meaure* jk poor maple syrup on u and feed u too fire ants *tear* id pay a dollar to see that funny. :)

 i used to think i had a lil too much time on my hands... but i think that was because i was more anti-social last year then i am this year. im better now. lets hang out :) oh yah we do, alot, lol (dont mind my rambling)

Katelyn: humm what to say what to say. lol its funny cuz most of the time u can never shut me up. I hope the next dance will be better if you know what i mean. I hope you never go out with jesse because then ill have to hate you, it's my moral responsiblity.

Allysa: Blah!!!! im bored and i dont know what to say, but i will say that we have to have a party sometime ;) if yah know what i mean, wow i tend to say that alot lol im such a loser lol jk im super kool lol laters.

Quinn: GFNGNF Hey ouch much, wats pu. im typeing lyke tis tous peis yous offf,@$$~ ande i knowe its  woking because GREAGHR yours za fraekeing outta besid meee,  hahhhah there's is k^now lil dot at the end>>>>> stil knwo dottt hhhhaaahhaahaaaaah &&%$%%%$ wait im not don yet lla ala ala alala alala a >>>>> kkkkkkkkkkkk i m       d o n >>?? &^&^$GNGFNGHNkmjk quinnn youre jist quinn hddjdfnvlkfc vn b 

Carleigh: hey best buddy!! lol i hope you had  a good summer. i know i had a really boring one but you know what yah gonna do? i hope u like my site :) anyways i'll ttyl hun bye bye.

Liz: hey what's!  yah umm i don't know exactly what to say so i think ill just go ramble on about nothing really exciting lalala... don't worry when i find something more interesting to say i will let you know untill then ill use big words, lol, ayt later days

Carissa: i hope i spelled ur name right!! lol i donno why i cant remember it. im sorry but i was dropped on my head when i was a baby too many times. neways see yah later.

Allysa & Michelle Olding: Now i know i dont talk to u guys very much anymore, but that doesn't mean that i have forgotten about u!! *hugs all round*

Colton: you always know what to say to cheer me up, thanks for that. ok quinns being a jerk again and correcting my spelling, she also says bring her math to her. Riiight anyways see yah at school.

Jamie: omg hi!! i love you soooo much!! lol jk babe.

Justin: Noooooo!!!! Anyways, yah we had some good times, and i'm not going to forget them, even if you do... kk like yah later dont have time right now. lol

Violet: hey hunn!! i hope u had funn on the band trip, even though i wasnt there.....or was i ???  dun dun dun !!!haha u will never know... just think about that tonight while ur in ur little bed at night looking out the window and seeing me watching u !!!!!!!!! hahah jk jk jk

Nichole: hey whats pretty bored over here, hey just wondering but why arent u like ever on msn anymore ?? it makes me sad when people have an account and dont use it cuz theyre a bum.

Andrea: wow im sorry but im running outta things to insult people with... lmao (that was a joke by the way) hey if a monkey and a snake had baby how many tails do u think it would have??? neway see u on the bus, later on.

Janna: ah yes janna, how many times have i seen food come out of ur mouth that has already been chewed??? lol and the way i mix foods together is such wonder that man kind will never understand (nor want to) lmoa ttyl and see u at lunch.

Evil Monkey(that lives on my shoulder): how i will miss thee, when i find a cure for being insane, and rip u off my shoulder and throw u off a building a watch u fall u the ground and splatter within seconds. PS no monkeys were harmed in the making of this pun. lol im so lame.

Melissa: I had to add u because kristina would not shut up about it lol jk. i dont know if she was just kidding or not but i dont care ur stuck in here forever !!! lol jk

Bouncing HeartsBouncing HeartsBouncing HeartsBouncing HeartsBouncing HeartsBouncing Hearts