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 # My Shit List #
1. McDonalds fast food, do I have to say anymore? Seriously though, I really hate them. I don't hate any other fast food place, because they put some effort into their meal and it tastes like food. McDonalds is the most unclean place on earth. You just know the food is unhealthy when u pick up the burger in the wrapper and the grease is just dripping.This one time, my mom and I were really hungery so we just went to McDonalds and got a burger and stuff. When we got back on the road I could swear I could feel a lump of fat in my stomach, it was sooo gross I almost puked!!
 Since then I have never eaten at McDonalds.
2. Preps, yeah u know what I'm talking about. Those horrible people in your school that are popular and are all that. It seriously makes me sick. How can someone be so mean as too put someone down and pick on them just cuz they're in your way? Is that in anyway fair? I dont think so.
 Now back in the day (elementary) I used to be friends with these people, one day though they made me choose: Hang out with them, or my other friends. It was no choice I picked my other friends, the ones that don't use me to get a boyfriend (trust me its possible) Of course they hate me and all my friends now, but I wouldn't have it any other way. :)
3. Bugs, now don't get me wrong bugs are funn, only when your outside though. I just hate it when bugs get inside, it creeps me out. I can deal with a few ants, once you get up to earwigs I freak out. Last time this happened: I was down stairs watching T.V, like normal, it was about 1:00 am, and I happen to see an earwig run across the table infront of the couch. I simply picked up a glass a set it overtop of it and went back to watching the T.V. A few minutes later another one ran by, I picked up the other glass and set it on the bug. Right about then I said to my self, where the hell are they coming from? So I got up and looked at the floor, sure enough there were a whole bunch running around. I was so grossed out, I picked up a fly swatter and killed all the ones that I could see, but they just kept coming and coming. Then I got really freaked out because it reminded me of the time when I was a little girl. My brothers thought it would be funny to trap me under a flipped over crib that was in the basement. When they left the room earwigs started coming out of nowhere and moving towards me (now keep in mind when your like 6 this can scare you soo fucking bad) I can't remember exactly how I got out but I never did care for earwigs after that. 
4. Overly happy people, this just scares me. Ok, its like the people that when you hit the in the back of the head with a baseball that they turn around and say "hi, was that your? here let me get that for you," all while smiling so much it hurts. Well you know what I mean. My old elementary princlepal was this way, you could never catch her on a bad day!!! It was soo werid, and no matter how hard you try to piss her off, she just kept smiling. These are the people that I think are taking too many drugs. LOL 
5. Bad friends, not that I have any...ok take that back. You it's not hard to be a good friend, but then again it's not that hard to be a bad one either. It's all about if you want people to trust you or not. There's a few people that I look at differently at now after some "stuff" happened. Sometimes I wish things were the way they used to be way back when, bu then again I'm pretty happy with my soical life, I may have a few bad friends, but the good ones that I do are good as gold. :)
6. Bad actors/drama queens, arg these people just bug the crap outta me. Talk about sitting through a crap movie, who ever saw that movie about the teenage drama queen should die... oh wait then I would have to die, hahaha anyways, all I'm saying is that It wasn't a very good movie ok! over actors are the worst I mean there isn't ANY realism to there acting at all. exmalpe of this is the music video by Usher "yeah". I'm just glad Usher and his total hottness was in it to compinsate lol.
7. Sluty little girls, I think that pretty much somes it up right there. If you don't know what I mean by that: It's like little 12 year olds that think they have all the *ahem* "equitment" so they can go sult it up with their sulty ass friends who I also hate. Ahh it just makes me so pissed off!!! I see them walking down the street with like a tube top on and I pretty much make a face like a just had a lemon or something, just in complete disgust. What do they have to show off anyways? That their flatter then a wall? That's what I thought. How could their parents let them even out the door looking like THAT. It sickens me, it really does, no wonder this world has so many god damn pedophiles. :|
8. Yippy dogs, you know those little toy dogs that everyone thinks are cute? yah sure they can be cute but they never shut the fuck up! My neighbour has one of these dogs, I hate it. Every fucking time I go outside on the deck or something, "Yip, yip, yip, I like to bark at everything, yip, yip, yip," ahh I fucking hate it. I mean I'm an animal person all that crap but if I had the chance I would kick that dog so far down the road that it would never find its way home.
9. People who close their eyes when they laugh, I think that one's self explainatory. I just don't the need to close your eyes when your having fun, are you scared that someone will see you laughing and you close your eyes to try and hide? I mean come on!
10. Ja Rule, Finger eleven, U2, I dont hate every band out there but there are a few (there are the only ones that I could think of at the time, trust me there are more) that I just can't stand and their music makes me want to puke. Now if you like any of these bands... wait a minute, why do I have to say apoligize, fuck you.
11. Extreme dumb blonds/pllz,  now I'm not talking about jessica simpson blond, that kind I can live with and even laugh at, I'm talking about just retardly dumb. Now I can't go and diss plain dumb people because then I would be included, yes I admit I'm dumb, more like I just have my good fair share of blond moments though. Don't you get pissed if your talking to someone and trying to explain something to them and they dont get. Even when you couldn't explain it in any more detail they say that they still dont get it. There is a good chance that it's just me because it only happened a few times but it still gets on my nerves.
12. Bullies, Now this is a hard subject to just tell you in a somed up version why this topic is on my shit list, because there are so many angels I could go with.  I'm sure everyone agrees with me though, and if not they have never had to deal with bullies or they are a bully themselves. Most of the stupid mean little comments don't get to me because I just deal with it and ignore them. It can get on my nervesthough, when I have to watch it. To see a cute little kid get picked on by jerks makes em want to make death threats. Whenever there is something I can do like help a kid get their hat back I do, but it makes me mad when I can pervent it and when people don't do anything about it. If you just look you can find bulling everywhere, even the places where no one think there is. God! people are such fucking tards!
13. Kong Fu movies, I'm not deadly serious about this one but they still bug me. I must also say that I'm an extremely lazy person so I don't like to read captions. Yah I know that's not much of an argument but think about it, do you really want to be reading a movie? that's like work, dude if you want to read pick up a book! An other thing that I dislike about them is that there is no point, and it's not the good kind of "no point movies." Neways I think I made my point so later. lol my god im chessey.