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 Hold On... It's Not Over...
 I'm still standing, 
 I'm still breathing.


"this world,this world is cold.but you dont,you dont have to go"



"With the release of our video "Hold On" we wanted to write a note to tell you how much this video means to us and how important life is.

We have lost some close friends to suicide and it has affected just about everyone we know. Everyday we read letters from fans saying that the stress of life, the pressure with family, and losing love is too much to bear. We want to say that you may feel alone but you are not. So many have gone through the same thing and reaching out is a sign of strength not weakness. Life will get better and life is worth living even if it seems unbearable right now. It's our goal that this video gives hope to our fans that have reached out to us, and maybe it will reach some who don't know us. Even if it is just one person, if it makes a difference in their life it was worth the time, effort, and money it took to make. Life is not something we feel anyone should give up on.

Once again we will always thank our fans for being a part of this and making this happen, thanks for giving us a chance"

-- Joel Madden.

Good Charlotte Shoot Heavy Clip For Anti-Suicide Song 'Hold On'

HOLLYWOOD ? These days Good Charlotte are on top of the world, but there was a time when Benji Madden felt like taking his own life. "It's almost like a public service announcement," Joel said of the mostly performance-driven clip. "[It includes] real people who have lost sons, daughters and friends, and then kids who have tried to commit suicide, kids who didn't [and] pictures of kids who have killed themselves."

The Madden brothers added that they could have easily chosen a more radio-friendly and accessible song from Lifestyles ..., like the bouncy and fun third single, "Girls and Boys," before it, in place of "Hold On," but they opted to choose message over money. They also saved the video for last in hopes that it would get more attention than the songs before it.

"We just hope that maybe one kid will see this video or hear this song and say, 'OK, I'm gonna hold on,' " Benji said.

_-_-_Suicidal Pictures_-_-_

What Samantha has to say

Alot of teenagers die each year do to sucide. Because they can't take the presure and nobody stops to reach out to them. Suicide is an everyday choice for some teenagers. The only way for their freedom. Suicide shouldn't be an option for anybody. Most people think its so easy after suicide everything will be better. But what about those people who love you? What about after suicide? It's probably harder for your family and friends then it ever will be for you. Thinking that maybe if they had said something more you wouldn't have done it. Suicide is a selfish act. Killing yourself to hurt other people? I myself have thought of suicide from time to time but quickly brush it away. I have friends who cut themselves..not mentioning names but sometimes i'll see the scars.  Cutting is another thing. It's highly addictive because it releases "stress and anger"..In 2nd grade my best friend's mom commited suicide. I never really understood that word being only 7. All i know is that she moved away forever and she hasnt come back. I also know somebody who has been both verbally and mentally abused by his own mom! He has come close to suicide many times..but has some how pulled him self out each time. With a life like his its easy to understand why he wants out. But dont give up. So please if you are thinking about suicide..or have plans. Just hold on for a little while longer..







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