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Sum 41

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Band Facts

* Sum 41's name was chosen because the band was formed 41 days into summer!

* All Sum 41's members are from Canada!

* They have released only 3 albums!

*Aparently each guy was a loser in high school!

* Sum 41 went water crazy when they squirted random passers with their super soakers, while laughing A LOT in their safe dry cars! They even stole a pizza using the Super soaker trick as Deryck stated "Kelly's pizza is going down!"

* Deryck, Cone, Dave and Steve all met in high school they used to be in rival bands but came together and formed one awsome ass kicking band!


Name: Jay McCaslin

Nickname: Cone

Birthplace: North York

Birthday: September 3

Position in Band: Bass

Favorite Current Albums: Marvelous 3: Ready, Sex, Go, Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers, Rancid - Rancid, NOFX - The Decline, Beatsteaks - Launched

Favorite Albums ever: Rancid - Out Come the Wolves, The Police - Greatest Hits, Foo Fighters - Colour and Shape, Def Leppard - Hysteria, NOFX - Punk in Drublic

Favorite Soundtrack: Crooklyn

Favorite Movies: American Beauty, Commando, Tango & Cash, American History X, Primal Fear

First Concert: Gowan in Toronto in 1988

Favorite Concert: Green Day at Edgefest in Toronto in 1998

Musical Influences: Mike Dirnt, Sting, Matt Freeman, Orne Isaac

Cone Facts

* Cone's real name is Jason McCaslin.

* He got his nickname 'cos he ate an ice cream cone everyday for lunch in high school!

* His star sign is Virgo!

* Cone's favourite flavour of ice cream is vannila!

* Unfortunatly Cone is not single but his girlfriend is really nice and they have been going out for about 5 years!

* Cone started playing the bass guitar when he was 14!

* Cone's dad owns a strip club!

* His Dad has also brought cone up on a huge range of satalite porn which is why his fathers nickname is " Porno Paul "!!!!

* Cone used to work at a movie theater picking up bits of rubbish off the cinama floor!

* Cone claims he is only 5"11 but steve swears that he is definatly 6ft!

* Cone wears glasses and contact lenses!

* His favourite movies are : American beauty, Commando, Tango and Cash, American History X and Primal fear!

* Deryck rented cone out for $10, 000 ( i think ) to some Japanese guy!

* When Sum 41 were recording in the studio cone farted and all of the guitar strings snapped!!!!



Name: Steve Jocz

Nickname: Stevo 32

Birthplace: Hasbro

Birthday: July 23

Position in Band: Drums

Favorite Current Albums: Sum 41 - Half Hour of Power, NOFX - Maximum Rock n' Roll, The International Noise Conspiracy - Survival Sickness

Favorite albums ever: The Who - Who's Next, Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden, Slayer - Reign in Blood, Kids of Widney High - Let's Get Busy

Favorite Book: Wilbert Vere Awdry: Thomas the Tank Engine

Favorite Movie: Eraserhead

Favorite Moment in Studio: Recording 32 Ways to Die

Best Concert: Iron Maiden in July 1999 at Massey Hall

Criminal Record: Guilty of living each day like it was my rockin' last

Favorite Expression: "I always get my meat, you know that!!!"

Day Job: Hey, what's with all the questions? C'mon, this topping, that topping - It's the same pizza pie in the end!

Favorite Animal: Monkey

Favorite Strip Bar: GUNZ

Favorite Bands: Wyckyd Cceptor and Jump The Gun

Least Favorite Band: Any band with a better drummer than me + Closet Monster (you guys eat donkey dick!)

Car: Optomus Prime

Pet: Cone

Fav Snack Food: Sour Patch Kids

Books: Wilbert Vere Awdry: Thomas the Tank Engine: The Complete Collection

Fav Films: Eraserhead

Moment in the studio: When we recorded "32 Ways to Die

Musical Influences: 1. Dave Grohl 2. Keith Moon

Classic Albums:

 The Who: Who's Next

 Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden

 Slayer: Reign in Blood

 Kids of Widney High: Let's Get Busy

Current Albums:

 Sum 41: Half Hour of Power

 NOFX: Maximum RocknRoll

 The International Noise Conspiracy: Survival Sickness

Steve Facts

* Steve has a crush on Dita Von Teese , Marilyn Manson's girlfriend!

* Steve has a sister.

* His favourite animal is a monkey

* If your a "foxy Bitch" Steve will wink at you!!!!

* Once Steve through some shit in some army guys' hotel room because he was making fun of their hair!

* He has given Avril Lavigne a wedgie!

* Steve started playing the drums when he was 12 years old!

* His favourite books include ; Thomas the Tank engine and Wilbert Vere Awdry!!!

* He says he masturbates 41 times a week! Which he once did on film and it got banned in the USA!

* Steve is a vegan

* Steve's favourite movie is Eraserhead.

* His musical influances are Dave Grohl and Keith Moon!

* Steve's nickname is Stevo 32!

* His nickname is ironic cos he sucks at sports and athleats with the number 32 normally excell in sporting events so the band tried to be funny and gave him an ironic nickname!

*He chased the bird woman's friends away!

* He dated Socalite Nicole Richie, it last a few weeks!


Name: Dave Baksh

Nickname: Hot Chocolate, Brown Sound

Birthplace: Toronto

Birthday: July 26

Position in Band: Guitar

Favorite current albums: Carcass - Heartwork, Not By Choice - (six song demo), Van Halen - Fair Warning, Marvelous 3 - Ready, Sex, Go, NOFX - Maximum Rock n' Roll

Favorite albums ever: Led Zepplin - Houses of the Holy, ACDC - Back in Black, Van Halen - Van Halen, Metallica - Kill 'em All, Nemisis - Hell's Shore

Favourite Soundtrack: Cone Fartowski's Greatest Hits

Favourite Movies: Raging Bull, Dumb and Dumber, Loaded Weapon, CB4, The Dancing Outlaw

Favourite moment in the studio: Cone farted and all the guitar strings snapped

First Concert: Raffi

Best Concert: Iron Maiden in 1999 at Massey Hall, the crowd knew every word

Musical Influences: Yanni, Kevin Bacon, Keanu Reeves, Bruce Willis

Criminal record for: Being guilty of everything Whitey!

Most likely to: Racially Crossover

Favourite expression: Ligigwing gwiggy gigigigi gweee-oh-go

Day job: I sell "Secret Superstar Emotion Lotion"

Favourite animal: Penguin

Favourite strip bar: Browns From Downtown

Fav Bands: Not By Choice, Out Of Hand, Tenacious D.

Car: Any car Hunter drove

Fav Food Snack: Curry Flavored Potato Chips)

Least Fav Band: 3 Doors Down

Dave Facts

*He loves fishing

* Dave's parents are Guyanese!

* He has a cat called spanky who pees on his laundry!

* Dave is the first member of Sum 41 to get married (AND HOPEFULLY THE LAST lol I'm just joking girlfriends of the sums!)

* He is probably the most sensable one in the band!

* Dave's nickname is BrownSound because he is brown and makes a sound with his guitar!

* His 3 favourite things to do are playing a show, having sex and eating!

*His influances are Yanni, Kevin Bacon, Keanu Reeves and Bruce Willis!

* Daves favourite movies are Raging Bull, Dumb and Dumber, Loaded Weapon, CB4 and The Dancing Outlaw!

* His surname is Baksh!



Name: Deryck Whibley

Nickname: Bizzy D

Birthplace: Toronto

Position in Band: Guitar and Vocals

Favorite current albums: The Living End - The Living End

Favorite Movies: Taxi Driver, Dog Day Afternoon, Magnolia, Raging Bull, Goodfellas

First Concert: The Monkees

Musical Influences: Elvis Costello

Criminal record for: Theft, Break + Enter, Arson, Vandalism, Assault w/ a bat, And mischief

Claim to fame: Most likely to: Steal your girlfriend and deny it

Favourite expression: that's a cream dream

Day job: Sleeping

Fav animal: Hate all of them

Fav strip bar: The Bada Bing

Fav band: Titanica

Least fav band: Clevage

Fav Snack Food: Cookie dough from the tube

Deryck Facts

* Deryck lost his virginaty at 13!!!!

* Deryck is only 5ft 6 !

* Deryck assulted an "ebay guy" with a whooper hamburger when they guy stalked him all day forcing Deryck to smear his burger on the man's camera and face!

* His star sign is Aries!

* The first ever concert Deryck attended was The Monkees!

* Deryck used to rap to his mum for a dollar!

* He also used to be a champion recess fighter!

* When the Spice Girls first came out Deryck couldn't understand why they were even famous since he thought they were absolute rubbish!

* He is currently dating former Canadian Avril Lavigne - 

* Deryck's favourite current albums are The Living End - The Living End!

* He has been out with such celebrities as Paris Hilton!

* Deryck admits that he writes all the bands songs.

* "No Brains", track 6 on "Does This Look Infected?" was origionaly called "Food" because Deryck wrote it while he was hungry!

* Derycks main insparations are Elvis Castello, The Beatles and SoCal punk bands!

* Deryck has only had 1 real job.

* Over the years Deryck's hair colour has been blonde, black , gold , red , brown ect!

*For work experience Deryck helped his friend out in a recording studio.

* Deryck's nickname is Bizzy D which he got because he was always busy, apparently with the ladies!

* He convinced various teachers at his high school that he need "special" help, meaning he could have open-book tests, no homework assignments and came out with straight A's!

* Deryck's personality is quiet and shy untill he gets on the mic!

* He drank all the coke in McDonalds once while Sum 41 were touring!

* Deryck used to cut his hair with kitchen scissors!

* His Surname is Whibley ( but don't call him dribbly Whibley!)

* His favourite movies are : Taxi driver, Dog day afternoon, magnolia, Raging bull and Goodfellas!

* Deryck got the band thrown out of a bar because he was peeing on the cigarette machine when he was very drunk!