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Love Junk

Right now you are feeling so much pain.
And your world is slowly turning gray.
I hope that I can reach you in time.
Before you do something stupid like die.
I love you so but you'll never know.
Because its hard for me to let my emotions show.
So I am hoping that you can read my mind.
The love that I have is for you inside.
I hate to see you in so much pain.
And if I could I'd give you a new last name.
But baby I know things won't turn out right.
And even if I tried with all my might.
So I'm going to wait by the side.
And pick you up when you feel your gonna die.
Another heartbreak yes I can mend.
Because I love you more than just a friend.
Everytime I see her it feelz like the first time,
I love her smile, I love how she looks, I love how
she makes me feel... I dont want this feeling to ever go away
I want her in my life, I need her in my life
Shes everything to me and she may not even know it,
but I know it, I know that I love her with all I have
Without her Im nothing, with her Im everything...
Everytime I hear her laugh I swear my kneez get weak
she makes my heart skip a beat wit that twinkle in her eye
and the dimplez in her cheeks. Ive never felt like this about
anyone before... Isnt it funny how one person can change ur life
forever and even change it for the better? Shes like my angel,
She saved me from the things that would have ended up hurting me,
and thats why Im in love with her, My girlfriend Marie
Only her eyes I can see myself
I drop down to her feet
Begging to feel her simple touch
I see her eyes look down on me
She walks on by like I was nothing
I hit the floor in frustration
Hearing my heartbreak to her every step away
A lonely sigh still holding on to a memory
The one about how we used to be
The one that’s consoling this ache
I tell myself to walk away
My first step forward I look back
Drawn back by her mysterious smile
To much to leave behind
I have the sweet taste of perfection
One I wait and long for every day
Then the bitter taste of rejection
Something I can't stand but sit through
I feel too much for a girl who pushes me aside
When I have her attention I understand why
I see why it is I’m in love
I can't ask for more then this
The very thought of her is bliss
Lonely cries in this sea of darkness
My secrets I don't show
Cause it is her I don't want to know
She lets me go to live my life apart from hers
I’m free of the pain but a new destruction sets in
My memories of her break me down
I know she loved me at one time
For all that’s right for all that’s wrong she was mine
The things you will never understand

I don’t know why I bother,

I don’t know why I try,

All I do is sit and wonder why?

Why did you leave me what did I do?

Sometimes I feel I always play the fool,

I messed up bad now I sit here really sad,

Now I know what I had,

We have been through a lot,

I wish we could get another shot,

We used to be strong ,

But that is a different song,

I sit here in misery wondering if you even miss you,

You wrote a poem that was real and true ,

I wish I were her, the one it was to,

So I sit here wishing I had acted myself,

It’s like the same old story dusty on the shelf,

So once again I sit here wishing I were I,

Really wishing you could of look in and seen,

Why do I waste my time writing?

Knowing it won’t be anything,

Just another poem a different setting,

Maybe I should go away lock myself in a room cry for hours,

In my head I scream and holler,

This is a waste,

Writing about another one of my stupid mistakes.