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Sunday, 04/03/2005
- what I did today was frist I fixed my geustbook page so now it just looks better and neater. I added a few new pics that were taken of me to my profile. I added 11, 12, and 13 to my shit list.

Sunday, 27/02/2005
- Okay so yah I know that I haven't added stuff in a while but actually I have I just was so lazy to  write down that I have. So the things that I remember doing are; adding "my home town" to *pictures* and I edited my story on "my writing" page. It looks a lot better now. I put "dark side" on the navagator bar but there's nothing in it I know. I had to take out the stuff that I did have in there. I will fix it soon though. I'm now trying to type out all my stories, " true stories". My friends said that I should because they are not normal and they are funn to read I geuss, so yah those are in "my writing" section. It might take me a lil bit too write them all down cuz I can't really remember all of them lol. kk lates.

Friday, 15/01/2005
- Hokay so,  I didn't do much much it did take a long time so shut up. So what I did was I split up my poems into 2 pages (10 on each page), and I split My quotes into 3 pages (20 on each page)

Thursday, 14/01/2005
- For real it's accually tomero but I dont care lol, neways, I added 10 New quotes of mine and finished chapter 6. For those whole like my story, you better! j/k. Right now I should get some sleep in before the sun comes up (I can't help staying up late, what can I say, I'm a night child! heheheh) NIGHT!

Wednesday, 12/01/2005
- Today I added two poems that I wrote today, I wanted to do more but I couldn't so I probably will tomorro, so yah.

Saturday, 04/12/2004
- Im not exactly sure what I did on my website today cuz I'm a lil out of it, if yah know what I mean ;) haha. I think I put a blinkies link on the homepage, put something to do with flirting on "love junk", and some other shit.

Saturday, 27/11/2004
- Hey, I needed to cheer myself up so I added some Happy Bunny to the funnies page and I also added some funny drug sex and alcohol picture there too. I went over my home pager and fixed some spelling mistakes that were bugging me and just cleaned it up a little, yah.

Wednesday, 17/11/2004
- Well finally I get to use the computer after a fucking 4 day black-out!! jesus!!
Ok, so I added 8-10 on my shit list, I donno if thats all the things I hate... meh. I don't have any time to work on my story but I added the start of chapter 6? I donno Im hoping to finish it sometime real soon.

Sunday, 07/11/2004
- Today I only had time to add 2 more poems to "my poems" page in "my writing"
I really like them so I hope u do too, and if you don't... meh, fuck you, lol.

Thursday, 04/11/2004
- I added two full pages of pictures, one of "me and me friends" and the other I added to my eyes collection "eye icons," heh heh heh. It took a lone time to add them so I didn't really do anything else today on my site, but if you have any sugestions, not like I need them lol, just email me and I might just take it.

Wednesday, 03/11/2004
- Today I updated my homerpager :) it looks better now I think, you can only notice the change if your not a retard but thats ok :) I added stuff to my profile and I fixed some stuff in it so its much better. finally i added an other page "- Dark Side -" i didn't get time to put any pages into it but i will later, right now i gtg do me homerwork

Saturday, 16/10/2004
-O.k so since I'm feeling soo good today, lol, *wink* I added a page dedicated to "Love Junk", I put a ton of my fav lovey dovey love poems in it but couldn't resist to put a ton of funny crap in there too, so cheak out the 9 or more new pages I added in "Love Junk" and enjoy!

Wednesday, 13/10/2004
-Since I didn't go to school today I just messed around on the computer and tried to work on my site, I didn't get very much done but I did get to post at least 4 new poems that I wrote a week or so ago.

Saturday, 02/10/2004
- Ok I just updated my shout-outs page, it needed to be done. I have almost no time on my hands to do anything on my site, so I haven't dont anything with it for a while. I worked on my writing page, added a few new quotes and another chapter to my story. I updated my links page and added a bunch of site and my friends sites on there also.

Friday, 24/09/2004
- Yah I didnt do very much today because im sad so I just added something to the funnie page and read my messages and shit

Tuesday, 07/09/2004
- I couldn't really do much today but I know what I have to focus on in my site, it's the page with all my potos on it and stuff (just for funn ;) neways I added the dragons page and I finally started the eyes.

Thursday, 02/09/2004
- It's more of a long list of little things that i did today because I can only remember so much people! First I fixed my links page, looks much better :) and I'm in the process of putting all my friends web sites on there too. I put a new page in "the sad page" its about 9/11. I also have a number 7 on my shit list now. I added 12 new quotes that i found lying around my bedroom that I have been meaning to add. I added some poeple to my shout-outs list. Yah, and that's about all I'm going to do tonight.

Wednesday, 01/09/2004
- Ok I know I haven't updated my site in, wow quite a while it seems, I didn't thimnk it was that long heh heh heh, anyways I was busy painting my room (yah no more gross color! lol) and stuff like that, and beside my computer wouldn't work right so yah.    I couldn't do very much today because I'm really tired and it's kinda late (omg I'm so pissed I had to sleep on the couch for fucking 3 nights!!)
I added two more things to my shit list and... wow, that's it. lol I'm going to put more in tomero, I have alot of ideas about what to put in, as you can see in the coming soon part of the homerpage.

Saturday, 14/08/2004
- (a few hours laters) oh yah and i up-dated the sad page so it has more depth to it and doesn't look so fucking crappy.....yes, indeed.... crappy.....

Saturday, 14/08/2004
-Yah i did quite alot today because im a very sad little girl lol jk it was because i wanted to *wink*. for the band corner i "finished" the sum 41, the nofx, and evanescence pages. and i finally got the time to add pauly to the gc page, and if u dont know what gc stands for... u must die!! u bastard lol

Friday, 13/09/2004
-kool it's friday the 13th. wow thats super!!! lol anyways i just got back from swimming with quinny but earlier today i found a whole bunch of my old poems that i found lying around and some people said they liked them so yah i added them :)

Wednesday, 11/09/2004
- oh joy, i get to work on my site on my b-day. as u might geuss im not that excited about it (duh) lol but anyways i added a whole bunch of poems on the page for my writing and so on and so on. well later days.

Thursday, 05/08/2004
- i had nothing better to do today other than work on my site so i made my homerpage better and shit like that added some new pics and things.

Monday, 02/08/2004
- yes indeed site looks much better then it did before, i added a whole wack of pages to funnies and a shit list where i can dish it all out on things that i hate, good times lol and i added a bunch of other pages but im too bored and lazy to list them all, so neways later days.

Saturday, 31/07/2004
- ok it took all day but today I reorganized everthing so it dosen't look so craptastic.
I put the site into catigories basically(sorry about the spelling)

Thursday, 29/07/2004
- ok i know what i want to put in my site and i figured it all out how my layout for my site is going to be, it's going to look much nicer and more organized *sigh* i can't wait to start again on it...lmao i sound so stupid.

Saturday, 17/07/2004
- so i haven't worked on my site for a few days, and im starting to lose interest in it. i donno wheather (humm wrong one?) that's a good thing or not, because the only real reason that i started this stupid thing was to be able to do something over the summer break. so yah.

Tuesday, 13/07/2004
- i didnt really have time today to do very much on my site, because i have to go to my tai chi in like 10 minutes or so i'll make this quick. i added a couple a new pages to the site, like one for my poems and stuff and one for all the msn names that i like and other people can use them by the way. opps, rides here, bye.

Sunday, 11/07/2004
- My friend was bugging me to put a shout-out page in my other site so i thought i might as well put one in this one, i added some people to the list and tried to up date the shout-outs i dont htink i did a very good job though cuz i ran outta things to say to people lol.

Friday, 09/07/2004
- man am i bored, i have like nothing to do accept work on my web site, blah blah blah. so on other news (lol) i made that band corner page and i think its a kool layout. i only have a few bands in there so far but i like.

Wednesday, 07/07/2004
- i added a few new pages to my profile and i am thinking of making a few more like a band corner page and a page to put some pics that i like :)

Tuesday, 06/07/2004
-Yah, today i made a personal profile of myself, it's the one from my other site but i added alot more to it and probablt will again.

Saturday, July/03/2004
- I'm pretty sure this is the day that I started my website.