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Me And Me Friends

Frist and formost is a pic of my favorite person in the world and who I couldn't live without, CARLIE!!!!!! LOVE YAH HUN *Muah*
 Here's one of Althea.
And here's another one of her :)
And this one is of me and Kristina, Its pretty much my most recent photo along with the other ones taken that day.
Yup that's me, krissy said that look kinda evil in it, heh heh.
Here's another one of me, I think I look funny
Here's me a year ago at katelyns house, I look so happy... aww don't I look so cute!!!! lol
One the left is Althea and on the right is Krissy, back when she had black hair.
I know its kinda dark but here are a few other people that go to my school and I tend to socialize with them, this was taken like last year.
Omg awwww I had to put this picture in!!! This was beleive it or not wee lil Althea back in the day :) lol awwww
This is Danny, he's one of my internet buddies :) lol
 This is what my brother Neil would look like if he was made into a smily, lmao.
Finally one of me again, I don't really like it, but then again I dont really like any pictures of me, so i just gotta shut up about it and face that, that's what I look like, lol sorry I'm blabing. So yah as you can also see in this pic, I didn't notice it before until just now, but that's not red pen on the side of my hand.


This is one is Allysa and Janice a lil while ago