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Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Sara's P.O.V.


As I walked into the house fear moved over me, like a blanket of dread. I slowly moved over to hang up my coat as I heard a click. The cock of a gun. The lights turned on and I was blinded for a few seconds. As I tried to cover my eyes from the blazing light I could faintly see someone sitting in an armchair in the den, watching me, and pointing something at me. It was my worst fear, my father.

"Where the hell were you?" Rang though my mind which was already pounding.

"I... I..." I didn't know whether or not I should lie or not. Which one whould get me in more trouble?

"Tell me what you were doing with that boy!" He cocked his gun again, at this point I just wanted to start crying and pleading for my life so he would just leave me alone, like I always do, it's not like he hasn't threatened my life before.

"I was at the hospital!" I shouted out at last. "Please, please just let me go to bed, I'm tired."

"Tired from what, you little hoe?" He said with an evil stare, putting down his rifle.

"Please," I pleaded trying to hold back the tears, because I knew that if he saw me cry I would never live it down.

He slowly turned away to go back to his chair, "All right! just go! Fuck, I can't put up with this shit..."


I slowly walked up the stairs, flopped down on my big comfy bed and let the tears fall. The tears that I wanted to cry all day, but couldn't.

I laid there for a long time, thinking of what it would be like to die, if anyone would care. If someone would save me from myself.

"Sara," a little voice gently whispered in my ear. "The phone's for you."

"Arg, who is it?" I replied. Nickey gave me a stern look and put the phone in my out stretched hand. I wasn’t expecting to hear the person that was on the other end.

"Hey Sara, it's Chloe..." Great I thought to myself, what does she want now. Chloe was my old best friend, we stopped being being friends about a week ago and I hadn't had the strength to try and fix things. "I just heard that they're having a live band at the bar on friday night. Billy's band might be there, they might be in the line up, they get the call tomorrow."

"I didn't hear anything about Billy's band doing a gig on friday night, he would have told me."

"Oh crap, then he must have wanted to surprise you then."

"Well it doesn't matter," I wanted to say something else but I couldn't think of anything else to say, "I dunno."

"So, um, do you think you want to go with me then? Even if Billy's not there it can give us a chance to talk, you know, and try and work things out..."

"Yah sure I guess, I don't really have anything else planned, except one thing..." I prayed that she didn't catch on to what that other thing was.

"Okay, well I'll meet you at the park then we can walk to the bar from there, okay?"

"Yah sure, it doesn't really matter to me, but I should go before the parents get after me, so bye."

"Ok bye."