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Quotes From Me!!!

41*...Because She Will Live On In Sprit And In Peace, In Her Favorite Place In The Whole Wide World, Where The Forget Me Nots Grow, In The Graveyard*

42*You Gotta Talk Koo When Your Young, Cuz If Yah Don't, It's Not Kool, And If Yah Talk Koo When Your Old... Well, That's Just Wrong*

43*You Can Scream If You Want To, But Nobody's Gonna Hear You*

44*Evil's A Word Poeple Use When They Stop Trying To Understand Something. If So... Why Do You Call Me Evil?*

45*Once You Realize You Can Do Anything, Nothing Can Stop You, No One Can Touch You, You Can Fly*

46*It's The Only Thing That Gives Me Comfort, And It's Always There For Me To Fall Back On, If You Take That From Me What Will I Have, Nothing*

47*You Can't Expect Someone To Keep A Promise Forever, What Happens When You Get To Heaven... *

48*I Never Thought I Never Even Realized, How Your love Can Make Me Feel So Alive*

49*Most People Battle Their Demons Everyday, Mine Haunt Me Everynight*

50*I Have To Live With The Consequences, Or Die Trying*

51*I Don't Think That's Love, I Think That's Gas Sweetie*

52*Take Me Down To The Water, Hole Me Under Until I Drowned, Wait Until I Am Reborn Into This World, Then Set Me Free To Unleash Hell!*

53*Curiosity Killed The Cat, But If It Weren't For Curiosity I"d Be Dead*

54*Do You Wanna Be Happy, Or Do You Wanna Be Right?*

55*I Don't Take Anything For Granted, I Live Life To The Fullest But I Still Take It One Day At A Time*

56*It's Hard To Try And Take Back What Has Been Said, It's Even Harder To Try And Take Back What Has Already Been Done*

57*If You Were To Jump Off A Cilff, I Might As Well Hold Your Hand On The Way Down...*