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Scary Dude In The Window

Scary Dude In The Window
Aug. something/04
Well it all started somewhat late one night. I was upstairs alone in the kitchen making something to eat. Yes, I was making soup from a can. It's not really important to the story what I was eating but I think it is lol anyways. As I was pouring the soup into a bowl I was kinda looking around. I wasn't expecting to see what I saw next. I glanced out the window, to see what kind of moon there was, and I saw someone standing there staring at me. [Before I go on I must inform you of what my house is like, if you don't already know. Frist of all I live in the middle of the country-ish. For someone to be out side on the deck near the kitchen, at that time of night... it's just not possible. To get onto the deck in the frist place you'd have to go all the way around the house, go up massive amounts of stairs, and still get past the dog. So whatever it was, it was there for a reason] I only got a glimse of whatever it was because it ran away, but to this day I can remember it perfectly. At frist I thought it was my older brother. It was about his height and had his kinda blondish hair.  I stood there for a few seconds to try and relise what could have just happened to me. I explored all the possibililties. It could have been my brother just messing around and trying to scare me. He does do that a lot. Maybe it was a robber or stalker and when he saw me he ran away, or maybe he was going to another door... I thought about how it could have been light refecting off the window weird. I crossed that one off quickly because I tried doing it again and it was no use. My last thought I was thinking was that it was an alien, I mean it is possible.
I considered going outside to see if something really was out there and what it was. I didn't want to but I knew I had to, or I would be scared for the rest of my life of making soup. In fear of me seeing something. I walked to the back door, looking out any windows along the way. I opened the back door and walked right outside. It was a warm night so it was okay. I could only see about 10 yards ahead of me. I walked around a little bit, scared outta my mind by the way. All the while I was asking my backyard if anyone was out there. Of course I only stayed outside long enough to convince myself that there wasn't anything there, or to be afriad of.
I still thought about how it could have been my brother, and probably was. He probably just ran around the house and went into another door when I came outside. With that in mind I went to the basemant to his room and knocked on the door. Sure enough he said to come in a few seconds later. When I told him my story and asked if it was him he looked at me like he believed me. It freaked me out, because he never takes me seriously.
After talking to him for a few minutes I went back upstairs. I still hadn't finished making my soup. I was getting a little bit hungery if I do remember correctly. Once again My cooking got interupted by something going on outside. This time my dog was barking quite loudly at something in the bushes. "O-M-F-G," I thought to myself  "what if it's that thing that was out there!" As I ran to the backdoor to call my dog in I started freaking out, of course I did. Screaming to my mom to get the fucking dog in because something's out there she came running. When we finally got him in, it seemed like it took forever, we looked to see what he was barking at. Sure enough the little black and white tail of a baby skunk walked out of the bushes and back into the forest. I was releived to see that it was nothing more then a skunk, but confused, so very confused. I don't know why I was... I just was.
So anyways everything sort of settled back down that night. Up until I remembered I had to sleep downstairs on the couch (because my room was being painted), beside the siding glass door. The only door in the whole house that doesn't lock. I spent the rest of the night cowering in terror, afraid to look outside in fear of seeing someone staring back at me... smiling.