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I don't have a date on them for a reason. So if you want to see any new ones, they're at the bottom.

*My Poems*
_-_ Death _-_  

I stop dead in my tracks,
I'm frozen with fear.
It's here again,
And its watching me
From the corner of the room.
I can't move to run away,
But just stare into it's eyes,
It's eyes of evil,
And of good.
It's here to take me away,
To set me free.
"I dont want to go!
You can't make me!" I scream,
But in the back of my mind,
I knew I was wrong.
I could run away all I want,
But in the end,
You can't escape death.
_-_  Broken Wings _-_ 
Broken wings heal in time,
Don't wory you'll fly again,
Because i was with you then
The way I am now,
So fly, fly away,
And be free.
_-_  I'm Never _-_ 
I'm lost,
Never to be found again.
I'm hurt,
The kind that you'll never understand.
I'm scared,
so I'll never say anything.
I'm jelous,
Of everything I'll never have.
I'm in hell,
And I'll never get out.
I'm sad,
because you never talk to me.
I'm depressed,
And I'll never get to be helped.
I'm crying,
Friends will never dry my tears.
I'm dead,
never will anyone care?
I'm gone,
And this time I'm never coming back!
_-_  My Past _-_ 
My past,
Haunts me,
And everynight.
Dreams of pain,
Days of hurt.
You'll never know,
So I'll never tell you,
For you,
Will never understand.
Never know
The pain I feel, inside,
To cry,
And not know why.
To feel angry
all the time,
So you can't get out,
Out of the hurt,
Out of the pain,
Because it won't go away.
I avoid it everyday,
Trying not to think about it,
But it haunts me,
I can't get away.
It must come out somehow,
And i finally give in,
But I love it so,
I crave the feel of the blade,
And need the sight of blood.
It's the only way,
I know how,
To run from my past,
That haunts me everyday.
_-_  Father and Son _-_ 
Father and son,
Play together,
Like one of a kind.
Two of the same,
No room
for an outcast.
So I sit,
And watch
On the sidelines.
Longing for the love
He shows
For his son.
But he will never
Let it show.
So I wait,
But it will never come to me.
I am alone,
Separate from their love,
But I will get
My just rewards.
To never show,
Love for my father,
The way he did for me.
And I will stay,
Here, afraid.
_-_  Closer _-_ 
I wish I was Closer to you.
To tell you anything,
Andeverything on my mind,
Whenever,or wherever I like.
Oh, why can't we be closer?
Is it because,
We are so different?
Or because you like the way
things are as they are?
I want to be close
But you wont let me near,
What are you protecting me from?
_-_ Eyes _-_ 
When I look into your eyes,
Everything's okay,
The pain is gone
-And so I see the light of day.
I see heaven in your eyes
-Don't you see I love you!
A lilttle part of me dies,
Everytime you leave,
But this time your gone for good,
This time blood flowed alongside tears,
Because I did everything I could,
But still you had to leave.
Ant today... today was worse,
I was lost in a haze,
And just wanted to hurt,
Since you weren't there,
Not there to clear the clouds,
Do you even care?
Since you aren't here,
Everthing's not okay,
When I look into your eyes.
_-_  My Destiny _-_ 
I raced, out into the storm,
Trying to run out the rage, the pain,
Then I fell, I fell forever.
There was no one there to catch me.
Then, there, deep in the showdows,
I saw,
It was coming towards me with such speed,
It scared me at frist -but only at frist,
The figure in the dark was
My destiny,
It would change my life forever,
I would have my revenge.
_-_  What Am I? _-_ 
(just for funn ;)
I see without seeing,
To me darkness is as clear as daylight,
I scream, and no one hears me,
And everyone fears me without being scared.
Answer: A bat
_-_  Mother _-_ 
When you give birth to a child, you're a mother,
When you befriend that child, you're a mom,
When that child respects you and thinks of you,
you're a mother.
When the Mother Earth gives us life,
We destory it,
When the Mother Earth gives us food to grow,
We demolish it,
All that dear Mother Earth does for us,
We turn around and show disrespect.
Should we really call her mother?
When your mother gets old,
You care for her.
When your mother needs help,
You lend a hand,
And never do u ask for anything in return.
Our Mother Earth gives us so much,
And she needs our help.
But yet we just stand by,
And let her die,
Why would you do that to your own mother?

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