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Chapter 1

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Forget Me Not
Chapter 1

Billy's  P.O.V:
It was mid-summer afternoon, last night she had slept over. She seems to sleep over a lot more lately, since her dad got back form the states that is. She tries to hide the pain she feels inside, but I know she must cry herself to sleep each night. I guess when she can't stand the yelling anymore she drives over to our apartment. I always ask her to call her mom and tell her where she is. She always just stares at the ground and mumbles something under her breath and all I hear is 'she probably wouldn't care if I was dead in a ditch'. It's hard to tell someone that their parents do care about them when in the same breath they don't know your alive.
We were sitting on the couch watching some cartoons. I glanced over and she was staring at me. All I could see was those piercing blue eyes she has. Her wavey, curly hair was tossed up in a ponytail, but yet one curl fell down in her face. I leaned over to her and gently brushed her hair behind her ear and leaned in for a kiss.
"Hey Guys!" Benji yelled out, almost making me jump right off the couch. Benji and Joel came through the door from their morning of shopping.
"We didn't interupt anything did we?" Joel smirked.
"And we're not going to have to put a baby crib in the spare room are we?" Benji finished.
"Shut up," I said, throwing a pillow at Benji, missing him completly, by the way.
"Um..." I heard a voice under me.
"Oops, sorry hun,"
"That's okay," she giggled. As I got up I realized I missed my chance, so I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek instead and walked over into the kitchen where Joel and Benji were putting away some food.
As I helped them put some things away Joel was saying something to me, I couldn't hear him, of course, because I was busy watching Benji show Sara the cool t-shirt he got up at the mall.
"Billy? Billy? BILLY!" Joel yelled.
"Huh? What?"
"Dude, did you even hear a word I just said?"
"No," I said slowly.
"Ohh I know what's going on around here,"
"What is it then?" I asked, finally interested in the subject.
"...Fine, I don't know ok? I just wanted to feel smart," Joel sarcasticly said, "but seriously man, what's wrong? Are you mad at me and Benji for walking in on you guys?"
"There was nothing really to walk in on, we were just kissing," I blurted out.
"Oh, I see then,"
"It's just..." I started saying something, I didn't really even know if I had a point or not. I was deep in thought about Sara, and if I should ask her.

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