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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Sara's P.O.V
Dear Diary,
Tonight little Nickey walked in on something he shouldn't have, something that I was trying to hide from him, to protect him from,  but no he has to walk in on me with razor in hand and blood dripping down the side of my arm. Well, that dream's over, omg poor kid though, don't  you think? I mean, I don't think he's that stupid, he can put two and two together. Humm I hope he doesn't think that mom or dad did it to me, he wouldn't ever go near them with something sharp again.
Anyways, I guess it's getting pretty late and I better go to bed, ha funny thing is, I can go to bed when ever I want cuz I have night classes hahaha.
                                                                        Later days  -Sara
As I set my Diary down, I took one last drag on my cig and tried to get to sleep.
The next day driving home from school I could almost feel something wrong. I tried to ignore it,which was a bad idea. I just put some Silverchair on and turned it up.
While turning a corner, a car pulled out in front of me, when I turned to avoid it I ran into a tree.
I have no idea how I got home, in fact it kinda creeped me out.
I woke up the next morning in a puddle of blood with my forehead hurting like hell.
"Ahh fuck," I said to myself as I walked into the bathroom. Holding my head in pain I looked for some advil, anything.
Just then the phone rang, as I went to picked it up I walked passed the mirror in my room, I looked like I was in a car wreak. 
Then it hit me what happened to me the night before.
"Hello?" I spoke into the phone.
"Yah, Sara? Hey it's Billy," it was Billy alright. I wasn't surprised, he calls me everyday, you know he's pretty much the only one who calls me. All my friends from school don't really even care about me anymore.
"Oh, hey,"
"What's wrong? You sound all sad," I could hear him pout in his voice.
"Nothing ... it's just ... I feel a little... dizzy... I guess," as the words left my mouth I let the phone slip from my hand and I fell to the floor and blacked out.
It almost seemed like seconds after, the next thing I knew I was lying in a hospital bed with Billy half asleep in a chair beside me.
"Billy?" I wispered to him without moving.
"Huh? Wha?" He said as he woke up, he glanced over at me, "Sara! You're all right!"
"What happened? I mean the last thing I can remember was..." I almost couldn't think because it hurt so bad, "talking on the phone with you."
"Then when you didn't anwser me, I thought something bad had happened to you, and now I can see that I was right," as he finished, he slowly moved over towards me. He gave me a kiss on my forehead and said, "I was scared for you, so I jumped into my car and drove over to your house. I saw you lying there and called an ambulance. I was so scared. I didn't know if you were going to be all right or not."
"You were in my house?"
"Well yah..." I started to panic, what if he saw how my house was so messed up? Oh my God what if he met my mother? And now he knows everything?
"What did you see?!?"
"Umm, a house?" I sat there and wondered if he was hiding what he saw. Or maybe he didn't really see anything.
"Heh heh heh, of course you did, 'cuz that's what it is...yah."
"Umm you feelin' alright baby? You don't seem like yourself..."
"...I...I'm fine, I feel just fine," But inside I was just dying.
We sat there together for a long time. Not saying very much to each other because we already knew what was going through one anothers mind. We almost fell asleep in each others arms until the nurse came in and woke us up and told me that I could go home, as long as I stay in bed.

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